Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots in England

For the first time I do not feel safe to be here when violence has broken out in several cities around England. There was unrest in cities including London, Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham, with shops being looted and set alight.. Don't know exactly the reason... Various opinions have been expressed and disputed among politicians, in the press and elsewhere suggesting possible contributory factors to the unrest including:
  • Fatal shooting of a suspect by the police
  • The lack of response by the police when confronted by the protest
  • Local tensions with police
  • Criminal opportunism
  • Recreational violence
  • Gang culture
  • High unemployment and cuts in public services
  • Economic crisis
  • Poverty
  • Multiculturism
It all started after the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man, on 4 August 2011 by police In Tottenham, North London. Even though keadaan di bumi Birm masih terkawal but we need to be alert all the time and keep off the road at night..just got msg from friends yg geng2 ni dah start pegi ketuk rumah ...there will be a woman yg ketuk then bila pintu dibuka 4 men will go in. Kesimpulannya, smua berada dlm keadaan ketakutan skrg...nak pegi Uni pun rasa tak selamat. Malaysia community kat sini dah siap sediakan tempat utk berlindung kalu keadaan memaksa.

Last night dijangkakan Birm is going to be madness but Alhamdulillah stkt ni no violence reported. Maybe berkat Allah menurunkan hjn dari lps berbuka smlm hingga pg. Really hope everything will back to normal soon. Smoga smua rakyat Malaysia di England sentiasa dlm lindungan Allah dan dijauhkan dari segala kejahatan..Amiinnn..

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