Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A special gift for my beloved sis

Last 17 October was my sister’s convocation at UTP...she has formally graduated for her first degree in mechanical engineering...and this coming 17 Nov will be her 23rd birthday. Actually I have promised her to attend her convocation but I couldn’t make it. Really sorry sis...If I was in Malaysia on your convocation day, I will definitely be the 1st person giving you a bouquet of roses on that day.

For that reason, I have promised her to buy a gift from UK. After trying to find the most suitable gift, I thought it would be good if I buy a camcorder for her so that it can be used for taking video on my wedding day....good idea isn’t it?

So here it is...for you my sis..please have a look at the picture first and it will be yours in less than 1 month..please wait for it. This is what I can afford just to make you happy. Hope it will be the best gift for your birthday as well.
Luv u adik!!!!

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